Bridge the Talent Gap with Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation-Services

The advancements in technology with the evolution in market trends taking the IT industry on fire. The emerging trends and the specialized skills may or may not be available in the existing workforce. So how to find the right talent in the market? This is where staff augmentation service comes into play. Staff augmentation service is an effective strategy that bridges the talent gap and ensures the smooth growth of the business. 

Staffing allows a company to introduce experienced working professionals with specialized skills that will upskill the growth of the business instantly. Moreover, the investments in making them understand the environment will be less. Due to this reason, organizations understand how to complete advanced IT projects with much efficiency that yields good results. In this article, we will understand how staff augmentation service helps in providing benefits and bridging the skills gap with best practices.

Understanding The Skills Gap In the Market

Technology is ever evolving and so are the requirements. Along with understanding the required skills that match the current market standards, every organization needs to introduce a talented and skilled workforce. Though the skills gap in the market is high, to overcome this let’s understand it in more depth

  • Identifying Skill Requirements: The first step is to identify the right skill required to achieve the organizational objective. It includes understanding the existing skill set and the gaps that need to be filled to overcome the gap to sustain in the market.
  • Impact on Business Operations: The skills that hinder the growth of the business might become problematic in the future. It limits the optimization and limits the growth of the business indirectly. Moreover, it can also prevent organizations from adapting to technological advances to meet customer expectations and current market standards.

How Staff Augmentation Services Bridges The Gap In The Market?

In the era of cutting-edge technology and evolution, it is a priority for companies to sustain in this competitive market. IT staff augmentation services majorly focuses on expanding the outsourcing to hire talented individuals. 

Staff augmentation means outsourcing the workers for specific projects that align with the company’s ideology and objectives. Let’s understand this with an appropriate example, if the company requires 8 developers to develop an application but the company has only 4 of them. So hiring the remaining 4 developers will take a month or two to fill the required gap in the company. Rather than delaying the project and depriving the project revenue, the company will shortlist the candidates as soon as possible.

But with staff augmentation service, a company can hire all remaining 4 developers within weeks. It enables quicker project launch in the market. Moreover, it is a cooperative model that involves outsourcing that hits the market instantly. It doesn’t need to fire the developers who have worked on the projects. It eventually helps in avoiding legal hassle and documentation.

Types Of Staff Augmentation Service

Staff Augmentation services are classified into three ways, these are:

  1. Commodity-Based Augmentation: Commodity-based augmentation is a type of augmentation that adds more staff to the business. It majorly involves hiring individuals who are not highly skilled but have the potential to perform basic tasks. This augmentation is majorly done when there is a shortage of employees and the business requires to hire more individuals to fill the positions as quickly as possible.
  2. Skill-Based Augmentation: As the name says “skill-based”, this augmentation hires skilled workers that carry out operations with much efficiency. The employees must have a higher level of education along with experience. Moreover, the skills must be enough that are not readily available in other companies making them exclusive and valuable assets to the company.
  3. Highly Skilled Augmentation: It is the most advanced form of staff augmentation. In this, highly skilled individuals come from outside organizations for a specific project. These individuals are required to perform specific tasks like developing new products and solving complex problems. Moreover, it can also be divided into two forms: Short term and Long term. But what are short-term and long-term staff augmentation? Let’s understand: 
  • Short-term: It involves hiring individuals for a specific period. They are temporary employees.
  • Long Term: It involves hiring individuals for a longer period, typically a year or more. It can be because employees can upgrade themselves to any extent which can be beneficial for the company also in such a way that they are useful for the long haul.

When To Use Staff Augmentation?

The most important point to understand is when to use staff augmentation services. For this, it is necessary to carefully determine the requirements and the timeline for when to increase the headcount. Following are the five scenarios in which staff augmentation can become helpful and perfect for the business.

  1. To bridge the skill gap: Staff augmentation services are highly useful in making a connection between the projects and the employees. A company can have multiple projects that require different skills. These projects can be accomplished by skilled individuals only. Staffing allows for adding experienced professionals who carry the projects smoothly such that a company doesn’t need to waste their time and energy.
  2. To expand the team: The staff augmentation model helps in finding and hiring the right individual to accomplish a project. It is required to contact the provider and review the applications of the individuals.
  3. To Meet the deadline: Hiring is a tiring and long process. From posting to selecting to onboarding the right individual can be hectic. Staff augmentation is a very effective way to hire the right staff that meets the project requirements and presents the best results for the growth of the company.

This way staff augmentation helps in bridging the gap between the market and the skilled individuals.

Choosing the Right Staff Augmentation Service

Many companies often wonder about choosing the right augmentation service to hire skilled professionals from the market, here are the factors that will help in selecting the right staff augmentation service providers:

  • Expertise and Experience: For selecting the right service provider, always look for providers having proven tracking records that deliver high-quality services to their clients.
  • Cultural Fit: Ideology alignment is a necessary thing when choosing the right service provider. It ensures smooth integration and effective collaboration within the companies.
  • Talent Pool: Staff augmentation service providers’ diverse pool of skilled professionals helps in determining the right candidate for the company who can meet the requirements.

This way a new startup or any company who are looking for the right professionals can choose the staff augmentation companies from multiple options.


Hiring new talents can be nerve-wracking. Furthermore, if the outcome of recruiting the can doesn’t match their performance, it will be a total waste of time. Staff augmentation provides solutions where an individual can onboard efficient talented individuals who can overcome the challenges faced by the company. Hiring professionals without worrying about the tedious process can help stay ahead in the market by giving you better control over the projects. 

Indeed if a company is looking for staff augmentation service providers, they can easily build a scalable and efficient team for the welfare of their company that will boost their value and name.